Eight concerts to see this week, including Dan Spencer, Ladrones, Okay Kenedi and more

show poster for dan spencer live at boneyard bar in chattanooga. dan spencer is holding guitar, dressed sharp in brown shirt and camo pants

Here are eight concerts to see in the next seven days, all around Chattanooga.

Tuesday 3/13: Afton Wolfe, Amy LaVere, Will Sexton at Cherry Street Tavern

Afton Wolfe is a talented singer-songwriter known for his soulful voice and introspective lyrics. Wolfe’s music seamlessly blends elements of folk, blues, and rock, creating a unique and captivating sound. With a passion for storytelling through his songs, Afton Wolfe has gained recognition for his emotive performances and continues to make a significant impact in the contemporary music scene. NPR’s Robert Seigel has said Amy LaVere, “specializes in lyrics that are more barbed than her sweet soprano prepares you for.” Husband and band mate Will Sexton is a respected writer, producer experienced session musician who has worked with Roky Erickson and Stevie Ray Vaughan. // Cherry Street Tavern 9:00pm $10 21+

Thursday 3/14: Scott Stapp at The Signal

Scott Stapp was the lead vocalist of the Grammy-winning rock band Creed, recognized for his powerful voice and emotive performances. As a prominent figure in post-grunge music, Stapp’s contributions have solidified his place in the rock music landscape. // The Signal 8:00pm $48.18, 18+ Get tickets here.

Thursday 3/14: Marty Bohannon, Rachel McIntyre Smith at The Woodshop

Local singer-songwriter Marty Bohannon, is a founding member of the veteran Chattanooga roots rock band The Bohannons. The band released the album Night Construction last year on Cornelius Chapel Records. // The Woodshop 8:00pm No cover, 21+

Friday 3/15: Ladrones, Havoc at Boneyard Bar

Ladrones is a punk rock band originating from Puerto Rico, characterized by their energetic and socially conscious music. Valeria Sanchez leads the fierce punk rock quartet, uniting buzzsaw guitar riffs, potent bass lines, and relentless drum beats in a sonic onslaught. Her soulful vocals, delivered in her native Spanish dialect, add a distinctive layer to the band’s powerful sound. // Boneyard Bar 9:00pm $10, 21+

Friday 3/15: Okay Kenedi, Gabrielle Grace, Jaron Utt at Yellow Racket Records

In late 2021, Okay Kenedi, a newcomer to the Atlanta music scene, collaborated with producer Dan Hannon to quietly craft her debut record, “A Casual Introduction Is Hard To Come By.” Recorded at Ivy Manor in Muscle Shoals, the album blends lyrical artistry with alternative pop production, reflecting Kenedi’s mission to create music that reassures people of their worth and reminds them that “we’re all okay.” // Yellow Racket Records 8:00pm $12, tickets available on Eventbrite.

Friday 3/15: Chew, In My Room, Sun Bleach at JJ’s Bohemia

Chew defies conventional psychedelia with a distinctive blend, steering clear of glossy pop riffs and recycled arrangements. Their live performances are a fuzzed-out freak-out, seamlessly contorting through multiple genres. // JJ’s Bohemia 8:00pm $10, 21+

Friday 3/15: NGC4414, Kenny Mattrucci, Second Location, Heart of the Nearest Star at Stove Works

Witness a night of experimental music showcasing live performances from bands spanning various noise rock genres, including ambient, shoegaze, drone, and post-rock. // Stove Works 7:00pm No cover, all ages

Saturday 3/16: Dan Spencer, Dixon Blake Callahan, Toothless Hags at Boneyard Bar

Dan Spencer’s album “Bursting With Country-Fresh Flavor” garnered national attention, leading to opportunities like performing alongside Jelly Roll, Eddie Vedder, and Post Malone. Now, Dan is carving a unique path with a new record, “Return to Your Dark Master,” blending goth country and heavy metal influences. // The Boneyard Bar 7:00pm $10, 21+