Do Ya Hear We 2024 Festival Schedule & Lineup

The 2024 DYHW? punk music fest opens with a Thursday night open mic and karaoke pre-party at Sluggo’s

Get ready – DYHW? 2024 is almost here!

Do Ya Hear We fest returns for its 2024 edition on May 31 through June 2 at JJ’s Bohemia and the Redbud, and the set times have been revealed. You can find that schedule below, but first here are some things you should know to fully enjoy your weekend.

Important notes:

All shows are $15 cash at the door. No cards.

All venues are no smoking.

The shows at Redbud are all ages, but the shows at JJ’s Bohemia and the Sluggo’s pre-party are 21+

JJ’s Bohemia & Redbud do not serve food. Eat before, or you can bring your own food.

JJ’s & Redbud will serve beer and non-alcoholic beverages, but no liquor or wine. (There are two bars right adjacent to JJ’s that serve liquor/wine)

Stay hydrated. Let venue staff know if people are being unsafe.

See our article on 2024 Do Ya Hear We lineup announcement here.

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Do Ya Hear We 2024 Schedule

Thursday May 30

Sluggo’s 505 Cherokee Blvd. | 5pm 21+

7:00pm Open Mic / Karaoke

Friday May 31

JJ’s Bohemia 231 E M L King Blvd | Doors at 5pm $15/21+

6:00 – Jank

6:45 – Ultrabann

7:30 – Liar Mute

8:15 – Sub Rosa

9:00 – Evening Standards

9:45 – Mixed Signals

10:30 – Constant Insult

11:15 – Don’t Ask

12:00 – Vacation

Saturday June 1

Redbud 2314 E 13th St | Doors at 2pm $15/All ages

2:45 – Brite Boy

3:30 – Josh Claude Mayfield & His Horse Thieves

4:15 – On The Block

5:00 – Mold Wine

5:45 – Penny

6:30 – Spoiler Alert

7:15 – Miracle Debt

8:00 – LILLIAN

8:45 – Hidden Spots

9:30 – ADD/C

Sunday June 2

Redbud 2314 E 13th St | Doors at 1pm $15/All ages

2:00 – Zebulon Sheridan

2:45 – The Bohannons

3:30 – Patrick Jennings

4:15 – HAVOC

5:00 – Ghetto Blasters

5:45 – Busy Weather

6:30 – Hard Feelings

7:15 – Listening Skulls

8:00 – Shellshag

Do Ya Hear We 2024 Lineup

ADD/C, Bohannons, Briteboy, Busy Weather, Constant Insult, Don’t Ask, Evening Standards, Ghetto Blasters, Hard Feelings, Havoc, Heavy Comforter, Hidden Spots, Jank, Joshua Claude Mayfield and his Horse Thieves, Liar Mute, Lillian, Listening Skulls, Miracle Debt, Mixed Signals, Mold Wine, Old Thrashers Reunion, On the Block, Patrick Jennings, Penny, Repossessed, Shellshag, Spoiler Alert, Subrosa, Ultrabann, Vacation

Addition Info

For info on nearby parking, bars, or restaurants, check out our venue spotlight pages for Sluggo’s, JJ’s Bohemia and Redbud.