Lillian release self-titled debut EP

Lillian band promo photo chattanooga

Chattanooga band Lillian released their debut self-titled EP in celebratory fashion with a packed show at the Boneyard Bar, featuring support from fellow local music stalwarts Briteboy and Cult Baby.

The band’s new release, now up on Bandcamp and whatever streaming platform you use, packs six moody tracks blending post-punk, gothic rock, and darkwave—think The Cure, Joy Division vibes.

You can fully embrace the band’s retro feels by ordering one of their limited run of cassette tapes via Bummer Recordings.

Lillian adds a depth to Chattanooga’s music scene with a sound that shifts between haunting and mysterious, occasionally delving into optimistic and uplifting tones while maintaining a foundation rooted in that great enduring gothic melancholy. The entire EP is definitely worth a spin, but “Agoraphobia” and “The Night” stand out as bright highlights for this listener.

Lillian is comprised of Josh Boutwell, Travis Knight, and Graham Courter.

Stream the album below via Bandcamp.

lillian album cover


  1. Blind

2. Human

3. Agoraphobia

4. Shapeless

5. Dime Store

6. The Night

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