of Montreal announces June 1st show at Barrelhouse Ballroom

of Montreal

8:00pm | $25 adv, $30 day of. Tickets here | 21+

The sounds of Athens, Georgia are making their way to the Barrelhouse Ballroom on June 1st as the indie pop legends, of Montreal, gear up for a night of musical magic.

Joining them as the opening band is the experimental noise rock band, Godcaster. Although of Montreal is no stranger to Chattanooga, excitement always builds each time they come to visit.

This show is likely to sell out, so grab your tickets soon from the Barrelhouse Ballroom’s website.

For those not in the know, of Montreal is the brainchild of frontman Kevin Barnes, formed in 1996. Over the years, their music has evolved, drawing inspiration from 1960s psychedelic pop acts. The current lineup features Barnes, alongside Clayton Rychlik, Jojo Glidewell, and Ross Brand.

New album “Lady On The Cusp” coming in May

The stop in Chattanooga is a part of a tour celebrating the release of their upcoming album, “Lady On The Cusp.” The record will be released on May 17, 2024, courtesy of Polyvinyl Records.

In notes announcing the release of “Lady On The Cusp” the band declared the album to be a dazzling amalgamation of everything of Montreal has ever done. Kevin Barnes, the creative force behind the band, offers a personal reflection on the band’s journey.

The album is Barnes’ final piece of recorded music from Athens. It delves into his move from Georgia to southern Vermont, an environment different in both its weather and its politics.

The record promises to be a glimpse into Barnes’ struggle to break free from the familiar, with the music acting as both a reckoning with the past and a hopeful embrace of the future.

Never one to dwell on nostalgia, of Montreal’s “Lady On The Cusp” is not just a reintroduction to the band; it’s a testament to their unyielding creativity and a celebration of new inspirations.

Hear from opening band Godcaster

Opening band Godcaster released a self titled album in 2023. Here’s Zhenzhen Yu had to say about their record in Pitchfork:

For Godcaster, everything has to be magnified or it’s not worth examining. Every aspect of the Brooklyn collective seems designed to overstimulate: their six eclectic members, their out-of-breath, cosmological lyrics, and their commitment to song titles no one has thought of before (example: “Tiger Surrogate Hunts the Praying Mantis”). They’re a band clothed in aureate imagery and dedicated to taking itself seriously. “We’re Godcaster and we’re the greatest band in the world,” vocalist Judson Kolk announced at a recent New York show, with a matter-of-fact calmness. After cutting their teeth in the Philadelphia DIY circuit, Godcaster have evolved to craft inventive art-rock on a monumental scale, powerful enough to lend credence to their confidence.

Don’t miss the chance to see of Montreal and Godcaster live at Barrelhouse Ballroom.

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