A preview of this month’s Chattanooga Noise Night

A night of experimental music features local and regional artists

Every third Friday of the month, Chattanooga Noise Night presents an incredible showcase of noise, ambient, and experimental music, featuring artists from Chattanooga and across the Southern region.

Held at Stove Works, an art studio and gallery situated at 1250 E 13th Street, this show is free to the public. This month’s Chattanooga Noise Night show starts tomorrow night at 8:00 pm.

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Here’s a glimpse of the talented artists that we’ll hear from tomorrow night:

Ipek Eginli

Ipek Eginli is a Turkish-American avant-garde sound creator and improviser whose music is a thrilling experimentation and sonic innovation. She blends piano, vocals, modular synthesizers, and no-input mixing boards. Eginli crafts soundscapes that oscillate between serenity and intensity. Her performances are a whirlwind of exploration, evoking a spectrum of emotions from delicate whispers to thunderous crescendos.

Modular synth improvisation by Ipek Eginli

Figmentarium Animation

Figmentarium Animation is the musical endeavor of Knoxville musician Sam Liske, showcasing a blend of heavy synthwave, electronic, and ambient music styles. The latest release, “Surfaces & Essences,” debuted in December 2023, offering an immersive concept album exploring a futuristic world governed by virtual reality software. While themes of artificial intelligence and virtual realities might seem saturated at the moment, don’t let that deter you from experiencing this well-crafted and intriguing release.

“Figure from Ground” from Figmentarium Animation’s 2023 release ‘Surfaces & Essences’

Slow Blink

Slow Blink, the music project led by Chattanooga musician Amanda Haswell, has garnered attention for its recent inclusion in a compilation album by the U.K.-based label Hard Return, highlighted in our March feature. This year, Slow Blink has delivered two outstanding releases: “Amor Fati” and “Vanishing Point,” both available for purchase on Bandcamp. While we eagerly anticipate every performance at these noise night shows, Slow Blink stands out as an absolute must-see.

“Pangea” release from Slow Blink in 2021

Cooperative Future

Cooperative Future, self-described “Noise from over the Ridge,” is a Chattanooga-based ambient noise project. They have been featured on the Ecstatic Feedback compilation record by Oregon-based Pukehammer Records. In October 2023, Cooperative Future released “We Will All Be Together,” described as a collection of noise and drone tracks.

“Falling Into Sun” by Cooperative Future featured in ‘Ecstatic Feedback’ compilation


Trunnion is on the bill for the Chattanooga Noise Night show, but unfortunately, we couldn’t find any information online about them or their music. We enjoy the element of surprise at live shows, so we’re still eager to see them perform.

Here are some of the artists who have played Chattanooga Noise Night

Leperwitch, Erica Scoggins, Leviathans of Black Hollering, David King, Rurnt, Easy Puzzles, [as]prone, Ceremonia, Shane Walker, Limbers, NGC 4414, Heart of the Nearest Star, Kenny Mattucci

Do you want to be booked at Chattanooga Noise Night?

Send an email to chatt.noise.night@gmail.com or DM Chattanooga Noise Night on Instagram. Include a brief bio and an audio/video sample.