Hear the new single from Signs Following: “Coyote”

album art for signs follow song coyote, red silhouette of coyote

Chattanooga indie folk band Signs Following has released the third single from their upcoming debut full-length album. The latest track, “Coyote,” is the most stripped-down of their songs so far, featuring an almost lo-fi folk vibe.

A gentle, repetitive acoustic guitar riff underpins the vocals of frontman and songwriter Joshua Mays. The track is complemented by a beautifully bright violin and additional vocals from Monica Wright, who is also the frontwoman for Toothless Hags.

Judging from “Coyote” and their previous releases, “Cicada” and “The Last Great Mystery,” we can expect an impressive debut record from Signs Following later this year.

Signs Following is composed of Joshua Mays, Ben Johnson, Monica Wright, and John Hooker.

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Hear “Coyote” below.

Hear the first single “The Last Great Mystery” below.

Hear the second single “Cicada” below

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