Velvet Christ Release Debut EP “Saturnalis”

blurry photo of three of the four members of velvet christ standing in front of wall

Velvet Christ’s debut EP, Saturnalis, released on May 25th, blends the dreamy ambiance of dreampop with the intensity reminiscent of 90’s alternative rock.

Describing themselves as ‘garagegaze,’ Velvet Christ intertwines ethereal, hazy shoegaze atmospheres with moments of grittier guitar-driven choruses. Imagine a parallel universe where Kurt Cobain joins the Cocteau Twins. It’s akin to that.

Standout tracks like “I’m Feeling Something Good” and “This Love is a Radical Change of Mind” highlight their ability to seamlessly traverse between that dreamy shoegaze atmosphere and the grounded, alternative rock energy.

Velvet Christ’s EP, Saturnalis, is not only a strong debut in its own right but it’s also emblematic of the many good things happening in Chattanooga’s burgeoning shoegaze scene.

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Velvet Christ “Otherside” (Official Audio)

Saturnalia May 25, 2024

1. Right Now

2. Death of a Fool

3. I’m Feeling Something Good

4. This Love is a Radical Change of Mind

5. Otherside

6. These Things