Wonderview Releases Debut EP “joy where sorry was”

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Bedroom pop project from Dillon Tanksley shines in an intensely introspective debut

Wonderview, the music project of Dillon Tanksley, offers a deeply introspective journey in his debut EP, joy where sorrow was, released today.

Tanksley’s lyrics delve into themes of modern existentialism, including isolation and disillusionment, reflecting a mood of emotional vulnerability. These feelings are beautifully complemented by dreamy synths and mellow instrumentation, creating songs that feel contemplative and personal.

The minimalist arrangements of the EP allow the emotional depth of Tanksley’s songs to shine, emphasizing the honesty of his lyrical content.

Listen to the track ‘stranger’ below.

The closing track, ‘Morning,’ brings a glimmer of hope as it paints a picture of morning breaking through the night, symbolizing the emergence of joy from sorrow.

Stylistically, joy where sorrow was, leans more towards bedroom pop than dreampop, while still incorporating heavy influences from synthwave and moments of lush, expansive shoegaze.

It’s an impressive debut.

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wonderview joy where sorrow was


1. outside

2. beg

3. between

4. closer

5. stranger

6. morning

You can read Wonderview’s EP release announcement below.

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