Yer Flowers drop debut album “Hot Dirt”

yer flowers band posing as construction workers

Knoxville’s rising honkytonkin’ heroes blossom on their debut album

Yer Flowers cook up tunes that feel like 90’s country music fell head over heels for its garage punk rock cousin. Their debut album, Hot Dirt, boasts warm, polished production and downright great instrumentation. The lyrics offer a scattershot mix of eye-rolling irreverence, witty turns of phrase, and poignant moments of tenderness and depth. There’s a brightness and energy to these Flowers of Yers, leaving you itching to catch them live on stage.

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Yer Flowers Hot Dirt Tracklist

1. Big Frown

2. Again…

3. It’s Not So Serious

4. Holes

5. Hot Dirt

6. Your Worst

7. I Sure Love Ya

8. I Never Heard of a Flower That Didn’t Like the Dirt

Yer Flowers performed at Cherry Street Tavern last night with Terrestrial Troubadours and Newport Transplant for the four-city Peaches & Kindling Honkytonk Jamboree.

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